Hi there, I'm Nick!
Thank you for taking an interest in my work! I took up photography as a freshman in high school, learning from YouTube videos and blog posts at first. I took courses focused on film and digital photography for two years, where I learned to compose and develop my images from scratch.
My photo journey then led me to the incredible Blaine Siesser, who helped me hone my skills as an assistant wedding photographer.  For four years, I traveled across Michigan, shooting pictures of jaw-dropping weddings with Blaine, and I loved every minute of it.
While working for Blaine, I also started my own photography business, shooting senior pictures and studio headshots for local high school students. You can see some of those shots on my site!
Today, I am a student at Cornell University, where I shoot weddings, graduation, athletics, and portraits.
I would love to take pictures for you! For inquiries, email me via the Contact page, and I will work with you to plan your dream photoshoot.

Thanks for visiting my site,
Nick Couyoumjian
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